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DITIS CAPITAL is an exclusive dealer and representative of a renowned biotechnology company Biocentras LLC services and products for GCC countries. The company works in biotech research and manufacturing and produces specific microbial strains for remediation of soil polluted by oil and oil products, for treatment of grease and wastewater.

The company applies highly advanced and progressive methods for decontamination of environment from oil pollutions. The methods are based on applying natural micro organisms and enzymes isolated from them, therefore, these methods are environment-friendly.

Main services include:

Research and development of new biologically active substances;  
Design and concept solutions for the environmental protection objects (soil and water cleaning sites, waste water purification stations);  
Cleaning of sites/environment contaminated by oil products and grease;  
Consulting on environmental protection problems;  
Production and trade of sorbents and their products; 
Cleaning sites contaminated by industrial waste sewage water and purification filtrate of dumps.