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Our client base continues to increase by prompting the goals and objectives of our clients as they apply to assess the return and appreciation.

For select Premier Development Clients we offer customised ongoing development consulting within a true corporate services approach. Our objective is to extend our clients' awareness into other countries, jurisdictions and other geographic markets with confidential research and representation. Coupled with their management and direction, we will align our market resources and staffing to accommodate such a unique relationship to serve our clients' needs.

How We Serve

DITIS CAPITAL knowledge and experience adds valuable extra dimension for decision making and problem solving. Armed with accurate data analysis and experience we work with our clients to define the future investment strategies. Whether the client is a large international investor or a decent local company, we work to obtain the desired results while maintaining our firm commitment and integrity.

What We Serve

Facility site location analysis
Property valuation
Financial analysis
Project feasibility
Lease/Buy Analysis
Project management development
Investment analysis
Asset management
Troubled property works-out
Repair/Replacement analysis
Project cost analysis
Receivership appointment
Property operation and maintenance

We help to assemble the development teams and lead the ongoing development every step of the way. Below are just some of the key players to our development teams:

Public leadership - elected and appointed officials, economic development teams.
Community outreach
Consultants and advisors - architects, engineers, attorneys, financial consultants, etc.
Master developers